Trail development 

             Establishing new paths/ Maintenance of old paths (cleaning – marking)




Exp. trekking specializes in the study and development of hiking / mountaineering routes since 2008 in several mountains of Greece (Pelion, Oiti, Othrys, Tzoumerka, Kakarditsa, Peristeri, Smolikas, Gomara, Vasilitsa, Avgo, Mavrovouni etc) organizing the path network of the area concerned by coordinating the project until the final stage and full restoration. By taking private initiatives, we offer complete proposals to local bodies and environmental organizations of each region with whom we work together to achieve, in the long term, the best possible result.

We explore mountain ranges in order to promote and protect the natural wealth of each region (geology-hydrology-ecosystem). Then we organize a valid network of hiking trails, creating outdoor escape facilities for visitors and job places for those working in the tourist infrastructure, in the beautiful and remote mountainous regions of our country. The network or the individual path is recorded and promoted electronically by our valid sources to the audience following our actions as well as to map developing companies.


In all our actions, we welcome the support of volunteers (and we provide shelter and food) that come with us from different parts of Greece and not only to help expand our hiking work but also to learn how to construct and mark a path. Thus they have the opportunity to train for free and take with them valuable knowledge that will allow them to continue their charity work somewhere else. In this way your home place benefits through a charitable act distinguished by perseverance, passion and collectivity.

If you want to bring back to life the old paths of your area here is your chance!